HOW to Make Google Chrome Faster on your PC & Laptop

how to make google chrome faster

Are you Suffering from slow Google chrome Performance on your PC or Laptop and you want to know How to make Google Chrome Faster. Your Google chrome speed is slow down and some times its hang and crash. Their is many causes to slow down your pc performance like many Unnecessary plugins, Extentions, viruses on your pc, and sometimes your browsing history is also effect your Google Chrome performance.

In this Article i will show you how you can simply make Google Chrome faster on your pc or Laptop by deleting history, some Pluggins or  Extentions.

1.)  Delete Browsing History

First you need to is clear your browsing history it also effect your google chrome performance. As you search on the chrome the browser collects and saved all the URLs and Cached texts from the website and all the downloads.

  • Go to the Google chrome and click on these three horizontal lines and go to History.

how to make google chrome faster


  • Then go to the Clear browsing data and clear all Data From the Beginning.

how to make google chrome faster

2.) Delete/ Disable Extentions

Extentions is  the small program which is used by the many people and it is available on google chrome store. adding Extentions on chrome is not bad but sometimes unwanted or virsus enfected extentions may slow down your chrome performance/ speed.

  • Go to the same Horizontal Button on your browser and click on settings.


  • Now go to the Extentions.
  •  how to make google chrome faster
  • If you use any Extentions then leave him but Uninstall rest of others Extentions which you were not used.

3.) Disable Pluggins

when you install chrome or visit any site many plugins will automatically installed on your  browser. Plugins help Chrome process special types of content, such as Flash, Java, Silverlight, or Windows Media files, but most of them aren’t even important to your daily browsing. so disable the Plugin which is not usefull for you.

  • Go to the Chrome and write about:plugins on upper URLs bar.
  •  how to make google chrome faster
  • and Disable all the Unnecessary plugin Which you do not want. you cannot delete the Plugins you just Enabled or Disabled the plugins. so Disable all the plugins which you do not want.

NOTE :- You can disable all the plugin but you not disable the Flash you have to keep the flash enabled, as a lot of sites use Flash to display menus, show videos, etc. So this Three Simple Steps is to for how to make Google Chrome faster on your pc and laptop.

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